OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, October 25th, 7-10 pm
Featured Artists: Mike Berlant, Anna Harrah, Jon Lee, Anna Rockwell, Amy Mathis, Annie Ryerson

A death is a prelude to a rebirth, destruction signals renewal, and as one era passes, another one begins. According to Mayan cosmology, this fall marks the end of the 12th bak’tun, or great cycle. For some it is an occasion to signify impending catastrophe. The artists in this show, however, would rather reflect on the esoteric truths of extinct philosophies as well as the phenomena of apocalyptic thinking in contemporary society. Instead of lamenting the inevitable end to our known way of life, we welcome the coming of Bak’tun 13 as a harbinger to a new mode of thinking in the art world and in American culture.

(re:)FORM Art is a curatorial project whose mission is to bring experimental artists together to formulate new modes of discourse about art and social change.