Opening: May 4, 6-8pm
Exhibition: May 1-19, 2013
215 Bowery
New York, NY 10002


Amy Brener / Josh Dihle / Dan Sutherland / Maria Walker

Dutton is pleased to present a group show comprised of vivid new paintings and sculpture by artists from New York, Chicago, and Texas. The artists use materials and pigments in a way that literally or figuratively breaks through and goes beyond surface - to reveal something new.

The magnification of form - unfolding and recasting it - is expressed through each artist's idiosyncratic lexicon. While the hand is evident in the work collectively, the works lend themselves to conceptual notions of physicality and the body. Raw canvas is cut, folded, and sculpted, hot viscous pigments are suspended with found objects inside carved swathes of resin, stains seep into the edges of intricate wood carving, and miniature painting is washed with countless layers of oils and varnish.

 Amy Brener's newest sculptural works are a distillation of the ancient and the future, the ethereal and contained. Brener uses juicy neon pigments that pulse through her resin cast sculpture - embedded with objects such as cast keyboard keys and pieces of coral, and tempered with chalky tiles that evoke switchboard circuitry. In Element , the inward-drawing energy of the sculpture collapses and creates a conduit right through the center. Thin layers of overlapping colors - heightened by her use of fresnel lens - give off a rich iridescence that shifts as the viewer moves and light refracts through it.

Josh Dihle's latest work is an amalgam of meticulous wood carving and the painterly which mimic hues of bright spray-paint and digital methods of covering surface. This "labor-laden" painting evokes what he calls "a passage of the mind" - a tournament of contours, color, abstraction, organic precision, and erasure, often punctuated by objects such as peebles, shark's teeth, or his own teeth. Dihle's carved White Swamp provides a counterpoint with an incorporation of carved tree branches, plastered in white.

 Maria Walker's tiny meditative Reverse  tears itself away from stretcher bars while paint gushes underneath, and Fall Equinox , illuminated pours of orange and blue paint straddle each side of the stretcher. Walker has a variety of methods she employs for her paintings - this one uses a time-based approach broken into seasonal quadrants. In mining the canvas and stretcher and breaking up form, Walker creates a interplay and collision of opposites into a new pictorial space.

Dan Sutherland’s concentrated works push outward or punch back into deep space. These bristling, abstracted, and tranquil private constellations are realized as portraits upon close inspection - where perspective is deliriously altered and imbued with planes of fragmented color. Sutherland attempts to capture the palette of 1980s printer cartridges using silken-like oils under his blends of varnish, while Pink Berk Twist  has a thick gloppy plasticity.


Dutton is located at 215 Bowery during May 2013. Representing up-and-coming and mid-career artists while doing special projects in NY and Austin, TX, Dutton takes part in art fairs including UNTITLED., Miami Beach, Texas Contemporary, NADA NYC, and the upcoming Sydney Contemporary.

Gallery hours are Wed through Sunday 11-6 pm.

For more information, please contact Sonia Dutton at 917 214 1838 or