"Four Women and a Kosuth," a pop-up exhibition on the Lower East Side was an exhibition that questions the recognition of women artists in an art world that remains - resistantly - predominantly male. The show intends to create a dialogue that is echoed by the inclusion of Joseph Kosuth's monumental neon, What does this mean? (Yellow) 2009.

The exhibition features works by Moira Dryer, Ruth Duckworth, Joseph Kosuth, Lee Krasner and Rebecca Warren. Many of the works have not been previously exhibited in New York. An essay by Dr. Maria Loh accompanies the exhibition, exploring the status of women's art by examining "perhaps the singular most astounding self-portrait of the entire Renaissance" by Sofonisba Anguissola. Anguissola's painting acts as a metaphor for how women artists have worked under the radar to create lasting art.

An interview with Ross Bleckner on Moira Dryer also accompanies the show. Bleckner states of Dryer, "She was the Katherine Hepburn of abstract painting. She was beautiful and wind-swept and fierce and intelligent and she made things look very easy. There was a youthful mastery."

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